Wednesday, September 20, 2017

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Busy Box Franchisee Prospect Should Be:

A people person

People connect with people, build trust and rapport and therefore do business with people they like. A successful franchise owner or center manager enjoys being around students, enjoys other people's company, smiles a lot, is interested in finding out about others and likes to be helpful.

A positive attitude

Just like in life, business can have its hurdles and challenges. We support our franchise owners to overcome their challenges, but the most successful people are those with a positive attitude who can pick themselves up if things don’t go according to plan.

Ambition and drive

People who have a goal and a drive to succeed run more successful franchises. If you are ambitious and want to create a rewarding and profitable business, then this could be just the opportunity for you to achieve your goals.


Enjoyment of arts and crafts

If you share our belief in the significance of inspiring children’s and grown ups creativity and enjoy arts and crafts, then you will find that this business opportunity will align with your values too. You don't need any specialist qualification in arts or crafts because we will teach you what you need to know and support you all the way. You do, however, may need instructors with an arts & crafts educational background who enjoy exploring and playing with different materials and seeing what happens.

As a Busy Box franchise owner you will be working with children, schools, families, grownups and organizations within your local community.

Things you don’t need…

Just so that you know, there are things that you don’t need to run a successful business. 

As the owner of the franchise, you do not need to have a qualification in art or craft, in teaching, or even in sales. We are offering all the necessary training and guidance.


For the right people Busy Box is, quite simply, the best franchise opportunity in the edutainment sector today. It is an amazing business, with extraordinary rewards and huge growth potential.

Your opportunity

The most successful businesses are those that identify or create a need and provide an attractive solution to meet that need. Busy Box does not only cater for the grown ups, but also has the young students in mind.


There is a huge need for our children to be in a creative, out-of-school environment from a range of stakeholders: 

Busy Box Is Franchising is Art & Crafts to the World

But first of all let us answer what a Franchise is all about

Franchising is a way of doing business. It is a method and marketing tool for companies to expand their market share more rapidly and less expensively.


Franchisors offer to their franchisees the license or right to sell its goods or services and/or use its business techniques. The franchisees usually pay an initial fee to acquire this right, and thereafter pay a percentage of their gross sales to the franchisor throughout the term of their franchise contract.


In return for these payments, franchisees gain priveleges, including the right to sell a proven and recognized product or service, to use the franchisor's business practices, and to receive initial training and ongoing support.


Franchisees usually have an advantage over their nonfranchisee competitors, since they have the rights to use the franchisor's:


  1. Brand names, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and patents.
  2. Uniform logos, storefronts, and interiors.


By following the franchisor's business practices and offering products that meet the company's standards, franchisees can consistently provide customers with quality goods and services.

What is Busy Box?

This website is designed to tell you all you need to know about running your own Busy Box franchise. We know the importance of finding the right people – that’s why we have a stringent application process. You will find lots of information here to help you discover if Busy Box is something that could work for you and how you can find out more. 


Busy Box is the first creative activity franchise that provides arts and crafts classes, workshops and activites for children (aged from 6 years) and grown ups, giving you an all-year-round successful business with full training and ongoing support. 


Busy Box is an important part of the Lebanon's edutainment business 

Busy Box was established, to meet the huge demand for creative & peaceful experiences for children and adults in a rather harsh environment. Our core values are based on inspiring student's imaginations and giving the next generation the skills and confidence to problem solve and think creatively.


Since 2008 we have received many requests for our arts and crafts activities. So in March 2014, during the 6th anniversary of the Busy Box Center, the Busy Box Franchise Concept was launched. 


Busy Box provides classes, workshops, arts and crafts activates at the center and in schools, summer camps, as well as parties and events for the young & older students.

Is this something for me?


Through our experience, we've identified the characteristics which are fundamental to run a successful arts & crafts activity franchise.


We do have a strict selection process because if you do become a franchise owner with us, you'll receive our full support to achieve the level of success you want.  We can only do this if you have the right qualities, attitude and behaviours that together make the ingredients for success.